Home Page

Welcome to the home page of RailStation.  To access Administrators' Pages or to Manage Your Profile, a login is required.  Administrators' groups include:

·         Tournaments

·         Club Administrators

·         Leagues

·         Membership

·         National Office

To Current/Lapsed Members who wish to access their account for the first time in RailStation:


If you require further assistance for setting up a login or processing your membership, please click on: Contact Us/Help (the link at the bottom of the RailStation Home page: default.aspx) for help from the  membership person for your sport.


Please follow these instructions to Login:

·         Go to NGB website

·         Click: Membership Tab on NGB site home page

·         Click: Login menu item & enter login information if you know it

·         Click: Forgot your Password? Click Here to retrieve your password via email

·         Click: Forgot your Email? Click Here  to locate your account, set your email and retrieve your login via email

·         Return to Login and enter your email and password to access your account

·         Click update to save changes in your profile or cancel to close the page


If you would like to Renew & process an NGB membership, please follow these instructions:

·         Click: Login link & enter your email & password

·         Click: RENEW link-top left on home page

·         Review Profile page & click Next>> button

·         Check off  a membership level check box & click Next>> button

·         Approve Waiver text & click Next>> button

·         Process credit card payment, print out receipt & click Home button

·         An automatic email receipt is sent to the email in your account

·         Logout to process another membership & start over

Login Directions for Administrators:

·         Click Login link on main menu.

·         On Login Page, enter Email and Password, then click on Sign In button.

·         On successful login, you are returned to the RS Home page, where you will see your name at the top of the page with Administration link below your name.

·         Click Administration link to access reports and administrative pages.

Managing Your Profile-for General Memberships:

·         Click Manage Your Profile link on menu bar on RailStation home page.

·         On Login Page, enter Email and Password, then click on Sign In button.

·         If you forgot your password, click on the "Click Here" link in Login box.

o    you will receive an email with your login information

·         On successful login, you are directed to your profile. 

·         If you make changes, click UPDATE, or click CANCEL with no changes.

·         You will be returned to the RS Home Page.

Setting Login:

For members with existing accounts, reset your existing login through the profile:

·         Click on the Manage Your Profile link on menu bar

·         Enter your original email & password on the Login page

o    Click: Forgot your Password? Click Here to retrieve your password via email

o    Click: Forgot your Email? Click Here  to locate your account, set your email and retrieve your login via email

·         On your profile page when you are logged in, you can retype/change your email and/or password

o    Passwords must be 6 characters minimum and alphanumeric

o    Emails must be in correct format and be working emails

o    Set different logins for multiple accounts (ex: parent & children from same family)

o    If you use same email for more than one account, set different passwords for each family member

·         For additional player transactions, please Logout from the previous transaction & start over

Browsers and System Compatibility and Configurations:

RailStation is compatible with the following configurations for both public and administration pages: 

·   Microsoft IE browsers: Version 10 and higher

·   Google Chrome: latest versions

·    Mozilla Firefox: latest versions

·   Safari: latest versions


Operating systems:

·         Windows 7 and higher and Macs/Apples OS 10 and higher


Browser Maintenance Items if RailStation display seems incorrect or slow to come up:

·         Clear all browsing history from all your browsers weekly, using the Tools menu in each browser you use.  Clear all cookies, temp files, downloads, etc.

·         Set www.railstation.org as a trusted site in the compatibility view, especially IE 11 version

·         To set Compatibility View for IE 11: click on Tools icon: Blue cog wheel on right side of the browser window

·         Type “railstation.org” into the Add this website: text box, then click ADD button to add it to the Compatibility View box and close the page


 For best viewing on monitor:

·         Screen resolution should be: 1024 x 768 pixels

·         Settings can be adjusted:

·         Click Start button

·         Click on control panel icon

·         Click on Display icon

·         Select Settings tab-select proper resolution and apply


Disable Pop-up blockers: (allow pop-ups):

·         Click on Tools on Browser Menu Bar

·         Click on Internet Options

·         Select Security or Privacy Tab

·         Turn off pop-up blocker and apply


Firewall issues:

·         Job site restrictions to web may block certain web content and pages

o    Check with IT personnel at workplace for web page restrictions

·         Check for Windows security settings and other software that could be blocking pages


Allow https://www.railstation.org as a trusted site in browser settings:

·         Click on Tools icon on Browser Menu Bar

·         Select Internet Options

·         Select Security Tab or Privacy Tab, depending on browser used

·         Select Trusted Sites

·         Paste the url above into the box and click: Add button  

·         Click ok , Apply or Close

·         In Privacy Tab

·         Security should be set on Medium with fader bar